In exchange, Daisy asks you for a Tea with Saffron, Galangal and Anise. He says he bought it shouldn't matter where. Mary divorces him although she believes he is innocent. Mary thinks her friend is too tactful to criticize anyone, so she asks you to find out whether Elsa really likes Bill or is just telling white lies to avoid hurting Marys feelings. She gives you a Blue Gift for everything youve done to help. When you speak with the mayor, she says the park that she loves is about to be torn down to make way for a mall. Bill and Mary goes to the circus. When he turned it on, it exploded as Bill and Mary were passing by. But while Ron is practicing his humour, Cleo started going out with Ben. He first started playing chess online, then joined a chess club, the town tournament, and now hes in the finals. The fashion editor invited Margaret to her wedding, which takes place in a week's time at St. Joseph's Church. The manhunt quickly ends when Ben Ditt Jones is taken to the local police station where he gives a statement about the robbery, insisting he has been framed. Next time you see Margaret, she hints that Cleo would rather die than say something foolish. Bill tells you that the foot will heal, unlike his pride. He pressures you into selling your caf to him before you inevitable lose all your customers once his restaurant is open. Then you talk to Watson, who tells you there's nothing wrong. Margaret is utterly convinced that the foundation is linked to some kind of scam. Clyde remembers playing at Margarets wedding, but his memory is a little hazy and he mixes up some of the details telling you the story. When Jennifer looks at the results it turns out the town has won! The styles are: He tells you to ask your customers to see which style you should decorate your cafe with: After getting the results, Fernando says it's up to you. He returns with the recipe, but now has a new plan: he wants to propose to Margaret with a supercupcake since she loves cupcakes. He also has some bad news: they werent able to fit 34 monitors down at the police station and had to reduce it down to 2, one of which is being used by his boss to play Tetris. After repairing the time machine, Lucas returns to the coffee shop and lets you do the honors: press the RED button and you two will travel to the parallel universe. Lucas is in a weird funk after talking to Emily, so you enlist the help of Henry instead, who agrees to mentor Ron. You also learn that Mary and Bill arent together at all, they never even dated, and Bill doesnt believe Mary would ever be interested in a guy like him. Mary understood and forgave her, and they continue to be friends. The construction worker asks you what colors he should mix. As part of the level 28 Corporation story you have to either sell the cafe to Fernando and lose 25 gems or sell for one coin to Donald. Rewards: 12 diamonds, 525 Prestige points, getting to level 5. Elsa asks for Honey Milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom and Rose. This time, hes going to hack into Koffsky's security system with help from Bill. One day, Charlie asked Petrovich to help him rob a bank. So Bill did shoo the bird away from the window when setting up Wifi for Cleo. Also her ideas of marriage are tainted by parents. After I sell the cafe to Fernando supposedly I have to talk to Mike. Either way, Ron has bought himself some time. Three options, probably all 3 lead to giving him Bahraini Coffee with Rose, Cardamom, and Saffron. Elsa wants a Winter Berry Dessert. After the hearing, both sisters were ambushed and one of the criminals had a scarred face, just like Ben said. Margaret claims she stole the previous paintings only to expose the Syndicate, the organization she worked for and which had replaced the paintings with fakes. She asks you to speak to Mary and find out more about her childhood. Tap on it multiple times and see why it is so special - and receive a Pink Gift! Koffsky isnt phased, however, and asks Simone for ideas. Someone tried to break the jewel expert involved in the case's home, fortunately Michaela wasn't there at the time; she was delivering the coffee to him a few hours before the robbery. She tries to get Lucas to fix it, but not even quantum mechanics can help it now. He gives you a Gold Gift for helping him. Apparently Olivia is mad at her because willing to help, she has messed both of them. While waiting for Lucas, she flips through the magazine and finds out how Lucas traveled to a parallel universe and fell in love with the scientist version of her there. In the end, you get a gold gift from Petrovich for helping him with Felicia. As part of the level 28 Corporation story you have to either sell the cafe to Fernando and lose 25 gems or sell for one coin to Donald. Mary knows nothing about the Green Moon foundation, but she evidently isnt keen on the mayor himself. Still, the time traveler gives you a note to deliver to Emily, who finds his note of binary code romantic and cant wait for their date. Mike agrees to sponsor the hospital. The cop agrees to share the details over a cup of Coffee with Cardamom. Lucas says he wont be able to talk about what happened with Emily until he gets a Honey Milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom and Rose. You ask her how it went, but Jennifer is exhausted and asks for a Super Adrenalino with Guarana and Gold to perk her up. He asks you for a cup of Tapioca Tea with Milk, Vanilla, and Cardamom and for you to tell Donald to come clean publicly. Walkthrough of the story of Lucas love potion of level 25 of My Cafe: Recipes and stories game.You can find the written story and answers at our blog at the . He accuses Tony for stealing his wife and plans to get rid of the robot. Answer from: MightyBearYou'll get the cafe back and 5diamonds from Donald. She asks you to make her a Sweet Roll with Saffron to help her sleep, just like her grandmother used to make her when she was little. However, the date does not go well as Mary thinks Bill is too flaky and indecisive to be boyfriend material. By talking to customers, you learn that she is a competent and hard-working young woman. When you ask him to explain who Bloody Penny is, he says he will if you can make him a Rose Supercupcake with Grenadine, Whipped Cream and Cardamom. He decides to return Bill's computer instead even though this makes him look like a fool. Ginseng: 2-5. Mary will probably be interested. There's a lot of turmoil because of Bill and Mary's looming wedding. my cafe level 28 donald or fernando. After giving him the dessert, he gives you some diamonds and promises to think about ways to make your partnership more productive. Fixing water line and pouring cement near Cleo's place. However, this scoop is nothing compared to what she said next: that shes Marys biological mother! It turned out they were just taking bets on the baby's sex. He asks you to find out from other customers what skills a good father should have. As it turns out, Bill was not cheating but was planning a a surprise birthday party for her. Both Jennifer and Mike refuse to back down however, deciding theyll just have to be a little more sneaky in how they go about things. To figure out how to take care of a baby, he asks for a Canele with Vanilla, Nutmeg, and Tapioca. Ben claims the painting is a fake and he was framed. Ask Felicia and Petrovich to join the team and theyll agree to help her out. Kevin has a brief affair with Elsa and Felicia Sturm (level 10). He just wanted Elsa to be happy, even if it was with a different man. Even without the mirror, Koffsky is still worried, convinced that Bloody Penny is back to finish the job. After hearing his story back, Koffsky realizes he had been a coward. Lucas will be needing a Plutonium Weapon from Petrovich or Margaret's handbag. Hola chicos..pregunta, nivel 28 a quien vender la cafetera Donald o Fernando??? Not sure about Fernando. Cleo has her first match coming up, but neither she nor Mike know how to play chess. He asks you to talk to your customers to see how they get rid of love sickness. Thankfully, Watson did find the recipe fragment at the scene and gives it to you. Meanwhile, Lucas discovers an encrypted message from the other Emily explaining everything. Juice box - use Cleo's friend baby, try a different juice, give something to eat to get a smile. If they pick Jennifer she becomes the new mayor. Watson recognizes her as a girl whom he rescued once. Youll need to ask Petrovich and remember what he tells you about the bed so you can pass the information onto Lucas. Tip: sheath dress with asymmetrical neckline, open toe high-heels pumps, clutch. Bill had told him hes quitting soccer, so Ron told him if he beat Bill in chess he would have to rejoin the team, something the hacker found hilarious. My Cafe New Equipment / Machines - update 2022 Raf Machine on level 13 with Price: 385,000 (base version 75,000) Popcorn Station on level 14 with Price: 405,000 (base version 96,000) Green Tea Machine on level 15 with Price: 435,000 (base version 134,000) French Crepe Maker on level 16 with Price: 465,000 (base version 161,600) Elsa loved the class, but Bill thinks he lacks parenting skills. He gives the player a Blue Gift for their help. In Mikes mind, music, a star-studded romance, and a scandal is a recipe for success. Bill checks the security tapes for Watson Holmes and discovers that Kevin went to Elsa's house at 1:00 am. Gives you 3 diamonds. Note: Some story titles are not official. Ron says that one of the mayors funds was collecting money to develop their soccer club. Note: There is no penalty for incorrectly answering any of the riddles. They exchange notes and Mary agrees to go on a date with him although she does not believe her 'admirer' is really Bill. Answer: It 's a grandfather, a father, and a son. You remember Fernando mentioned he had a giant outdoor chess board at his estate, which Henry thinks is perfect for Ron because the soccer captain can move the pieces as if theyre his players. However, she doesn't have a surfboard. Also Olivia will give you a gold gift, Answer from: ZedSo if you sell to Fernando you get your cafe back. He is rude and grumpy. Level 28 The Corporation? He asks Lucas to help him with a nanny robot, Newton. Elsa plucked up her courage and told Mary everything. Margaret asks for a sofa in exchange for providing you with an exotic animal (a sloth). my cafe level 28 donald or fernandohow does khalil explain thug life. Watson returns and says everything is almost ready for his family, but hes a bundle of nerves and asks you for a Tapioca Tea with Milk, Vanilla and Cardamom to calm down. The performance is a success and the fans loved Cleos music! Rewards: 8 diamonds, 2100 Prestige points. She comes up with a plan, but she needs help. Unfortunately, that means she and Lucas can never be together again, but Lucass view on love has changed for the better. Her mother has never liked any of her other exes, but Felicia wants things to be different with Petrovich. When he speaks with Emily, he tells her how he feels and comes clean about everything. Alice takes Koffsky dancing and Elsa goes with Watson. I would advise to just spend 1 coin since we get no rewards anyways My Cafe: Recipes And Stories - Gameplay Video, My Cafe: Recipes And Stories - Gameplay Video 3. The programmer says if it wasnt for Rons tricks during their chess match, he probably wouldve lost against his opponent since he tried to distract Bill the entire match. Koffsky apologizes for pranking you too and gives you a Gold Gift for your trouble. Since Koffsky has a smart oven, Clyde decides to challenge him to a good ol fashioned cook-off. Donald says a Tea with Saffron, Ginseng, Lemon and Honey would make negotiations over saving the park go more smoothly. Shutting down the time machine may make this reality permanent, Lucas says, so he suggests heading to the parallel universe and try to mend things, but he needs your help as a love consultant while he handles the science side of things. At the film studio meeting, Jennifer and Mike butt heads over whether to put Cleos music video at the beginning or end of the opening ceremony. my cafe level 28 donald or fernandoswiffer commercial actress 2020. junio 1, 2022 . She states that even if you repair a broken cup, the scar remains. Bill needs to work out his courage to talk to Mary. Donald Mulligan (former boss) Appearances Debut Level 15 Jennifer Park is a caf customer who makes her first appearance at level 15. Olivia, Felicia's lawyer, asks you and Henry for help. Buy Forest Berries Refrigerator for 198,000 coins and parfait machine for 462,000 coins. He also says that letters addressed to the mayors fund often contain profanities. He offers to take the mirror off your hands and tells you to let Koffsky know its gone. Requirements: a Ginseng Americano for Henry Dougan; Decoration for Lucas; during the investigation, Lucas wll need Chocolate Cake with Tapioca, Hazelnuts, and Honey for three times; the tier 3 Service Table for Henry. There are no new stories at level 28, the game has become boring, what shall i do?.., My Cafe: Recipes And Stories Answers for the Android. If you kept her secret, she will give you 5 diamonds and a Pink Gift as thanks. Petrovich accepted because it was easy money, but things took a wrong turn: Charlie said guards were coming, pushed Petrovich in the then empty vault, where he got locked in. Upon hearing their predicament, Lucas says when the time machine exploded, it must have opened a wormhole to a parallel universe where Mary and Bill are having problems and on the verge of divorce. When you confront Margaret, she already knows what youre going to ask about. But the construction worker has some horrible news: the fountain that was in their basement has gone missing and Petrovich is convinced it was Felicias mother. Ann points out that Ron suddenly took interest in fashion magazines. We then learn that Ben proposed while on a walk in the park (on bended knee playing Mendelssohn's Wedding March on a whistle). Margaret manages to steal the mayor's files and gives them to Bill so he can decrypt them. Some stories are resolved in one level, while others may be told over several. After gathering data and evidence that Bill is cheating on Mary with Emily, Henry's first thought of what he should to is to tell Mary. Fernando has told you that you have now unlocked styled furniture! At the beginning of this level, if you chose Donald as Mayor in #Level 15, he'll announce that he's going to resign, leaving Jennifer as the new Mayor. Has anyone have any problem like me? Koffsky suddenly remembers he tried something called a supercupcake when he was younger when he overhears Carl talking about its recipe over the phone and asks you to talk to him. The girl turns out to be Alice, Koffsky's love. Lucas has written an article studying the differences between the two universes, publishing it in Synchrophasotron Fun. Even if you say no, the story will still progress. July 15, 2021. The Donald Cafe. He needs a little courage and asks you for a Lassi with Honey, Saffron and Cardamom. Mary opened the envelope, and they're having twins! Ben decides to use his new found fortune in making new friends. Right after that, Michaela and Ben are taken to the police station. Talk to Bill, he is worried about something his mom said. Requirements: an Aphrodite Tea with Nutmeg, Rose, and Cinnamon for Felicia; a tier-4 Table for Four for Carl; a Bahraini Coffee with Rose, Cardamom, and Saffron for Ben after he worked for Emily; a Vitamin Explosion Yogurt with Guarana for Ben to draw up his resume; a Tapioca Tea with Milk, Vanilla, and Cardamom for Ben after his first interview, then a Latte with Star Anise, Cinnamon, and Marshmallows before you suggest him better replies to the interviews; an Equilibrium Tea for Ben after his first reportage. He buys a mansion for her, but she starts feeling uncomfortable and rejects it, making Donald promise not to spend more money in her. Then, Olivia asks her to take coffee to everyone involved in the case, Michaela will ask you for an Americano with Saffron and Cardamom. When confronted by the player she quickly admits she did it. When you talk to him, Lucas is heavily in denial and insists its simply for a scientific experiment; theres no feelings of love, only chemical reactions. Mary thinks Bill is the hero and wants to treat him a romantic dinner. No spoilers for what happens there;). Margaret has other plans, however, and traps Jennifer in the locker room, snatching her phone away before the marathon even begins! She was Donald Mulligan 's (the town mayor) administrative assistant. Lucas is able to make the bed and Petrovich finishes up everything that needs repairing in the bedroom. When you talk with him hes daydreaming about winning the soccer championship. Say you were at the salon and you were impressed by the service. When Mike returns to the coffee shop, he asks for one last Pancake with Saffron, Vanilla and Forest Berries because hes sure Watson is going to arrest him now. He asks you to make him an Iced Latte to help him collect his thoughts. Still riding off his single victory against his faceless opponent, Ron races off to challenge Bill again, but Henry knows the soccer star isnt ready yet. Reward: Gold Gift from Fernando, 20 diamonds and Gold Gift from Carl. When you talk to Fernando, he says Cleo has already borrowed the chess pieces. When Clyde returns, he says his childhood sweetheart loved it, although her husband wasnt too happy. However, Lucas forgot to account for something, so the experiment took a little time to take affect. Alice was upset that Koffsky had forgotten her allergy and Koffsky left. i do not trust donald so i sold it to fernando for 25 diamonds. He asks for a Honey Milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom and Rose. After discovering that Jennifer had provided alibi for Robert Tetrapark, who murdered Ryan's friends, Ryan demands that Jennifer steps down as mayor, believing her to be a criminal. The psychic ends up confessing to everything, and Cleo feels embarrassed for falling for it and asking for a dessert from you. Although he wasnt able to track her down himself, Cleo saw Clydes childhood sweetheart. Requirements: Chicory Coffee for Ron, Chicory Coffee with Honey and Lemon for Donald, Supercupcake with Nutmeg, Cardamom, Saffron and Salt for Daisy. The police unfortunately never caught the culprits at either incident. in nikocado avocado addressGeneral; my cafe level 28 donald or fernando . Although she didnt meet the man of her dreams, Elsa says shes more excited to meet her grandson. Bill finally starts to think its him thats making Mary so distant, and for good reason since hes been chatting with another woman online, a user who goes by NoDitt99, although he didnt find out she was a woman until later. The first interpretation will lead to more people asking for the same favor. Lucas rebuilds his equipment with the help of Petrovich to repeat the experiment and return himself and Emily to their own bodies. She dumped Lucas and made it seem as if she didnt share his feelings because his and your presence in the other universe was starting to destroy it. Elsa isnt able to find the bed at Carls shop or any of the antique shops in town, but Lucas says hes made a new and improved version of a 3D printer that has the ability to print furniture, he only needs some history about the piece. He suggested you to take a scientific approach to the situation, starting by asking the same question to different people, to analyze if there's any pattern. Elsa asks for a fancy notebook. The two return to the coffee shop with some news: the recipe was only a fragment of jumbled words, not a whole part. Next time she comes to the shop, she'll ask for someone to keep a lookout at her house for the admirer. Elsa and her husband, Leopold, have been married for 15 years. Apparently, the first time he tried cinnamon since he was a child was when he first visited the coffee shop. Mary has decided to investigate the events leading to the theft of the Mona Lisa. Someone else, a man wearing lots of cologne, was also involved in the murder. Requirements: Honey Milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom, and Rose for Margaret, Milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom, Vanilla, and Gold for Margaret, Americano with Saffron and Cardamom for Margaret. Koffsky wasn't exactly thrilled by the diving idea. Doesn't talk to Mary as much as she'd like because Mary's focused on career. First you need to ask Ben if he remembers how does the gang leader looks like. Hes determined to pay her back for the hotel fiasco. Requirements: Wooden Table for Two, Carnations and Cheesecake for Mary's wedding reception. Elsa tells you to talk to Watson to learn more about his love for cinnamon. You decide to start the survey with Petrovich. The two stories are linked. So, Elsa asks for your help to decide on if, and how, to tell Mary about her real father; but she has to reveal that to Clyde too! On Emilys behalf, you check to see how the quest is coming along despite all the drama that happened and Daisy happily tells you that the grand opening will happen the following day! It seems that some citizens are furious about the activities of Green Moon. Bill had nothing bad to say about the mayors foundation, but hes probably just not interested in it. Mary threw a party where everyone would find out the sex of her baby. The final room that needs renovating is the basement which is flooded in soda. Rewards: In the end, Bill gives you a blue gift. Her family heirloom went missing after she hired Bill to set up a Wifi router. You explain Petrovich took her ring from a magpie. He was able to sing the song to her, though, and although they arent meant to be, he says a weight has been lifted off his chest. Give food. You tell the great news to Carl and he gives you a Supercupcake Display Case. Kevin is very happy lately. You'll be given 2 options for who does the job: Talk to Elsa - Needs Spicy East Tea with Nutmeg and Cardamom. When you deliver the drink, he says he has opened a new secret line for the police to contact him and Watson goes to the police archives for you. Bill tells you his friends were impressed by Tony. Each story is unlocked at a certain level. You'll help him in the journey. He tells you that the kidnappers forced him to play online chess. Watson has bigger things to worry about, however, because the Fakespeare manuscript exhibit gets robbed under his watch! Although theyve decided to meet up, its to say goodbye, because theyre both married and both love their significant others. But he doesnt have much luck either and is convinced Ron has a soccer ball for brains. Dogs can sense ghosts so, later, you borrow Cleo's dog, Marshmallow, which remains calm. Unbeknownst to Koffsky, he asked him where Clyde dug up that old tune. It seems that Mike got the idea from Cleos music video to apologize to Jennifer and she accepted it. Jennifer agrees to step down, but after she opens the free hospital she had previously promised. I don not know about the other option. The robot fed the baby and then sang him a lullaby. You do and both go to the party together. In the end, they need to teach the cat to scratch on a scratching post with Tibetan Tea with Anise and Cinnamon. Tip: don't pay 250 diamonds for the private investigator, and go talk with Watson instead; Central Hospital, Railway Station, closest village, mountains (foothills) for Alice's itinerary. pfizer vaccine night sweats,

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